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Round wise seminars


List of National Seminars Organised by NSSO

NSS Round (Period)

Date  & Venue

Of Seminar

Subject for the seminar

66th Round
(July 2009-June 2010)


20-21 June,2013 at Bengluru Household Consumer Expenditure

Employment &Unemployment

64th Round
(July 2007-June 2008)


65th Round

(July 2008 - June 2009)


27-28 July,2011 at New Delhi Household Consumer Expenditure and Participation & Expenditure on Education


Domestic Tourism, Housing Condition and Urban Slums
63rd Round
(July 2006-June 2007)


2-3 June,2010 at New Delhi Service Sector Enterprises (Excluding Trade) and Household Consumer Expenditure
62nd Round
(July 2005-June 2006)


25-26 September,2008 at New Delhi Unorganised Manufacturing Enterprises, Household Consumer Expenditure and Employment &Unemployment

61st Round

(July 2004-June 2005)

29-30 Oct, 2007

at New Delhi

Household Consumer Expenditure

Employment- Unemployment

60th Round

(Jan, 03-July, 03)

 and 59th Round

(Jan-Dec, 2003)

27-28 Sept’06 at Chennai

Morbidity & health care


Land and Livestock holding, 

Debt & Investment

59th Round

(Jan-Dec, 2003)

17th Oct,2005 at Kolkata

Situation Assessment survey of Indian farmers

58th Round

(July 2002-Dec, 2002)

17th Dec, 2004

at New Delhi

Disability, Village facilities,

Housing conditions, Slum, 

Consumer Expenditure and

Employment and Unemployment

57th Round

(July 2001-June 2002)

24th March, 2004 at Jaipur

Unorganised  Service sector

Household Consumer Expenditure  

Some characteristics on Employment-Unemployment

56th Round

(July 2000-June 2001)

21st March, 2003 at New Delhi

Unorganised manufacturing             

Household Consumer Expenditure

Some characteristics on Employment and Unemployment.