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Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives of Sarvekshana:

Sarvekshana is published for easy access of Survey results conducted by NSSO to all the users and comes at a nominal price. Users can get access to some of these survey findings in a summarized form in a single journal for which, otherwise, they would have to go through a number of reports published by NSSO. It also provides an opportunity to the researchers to examine critically the survey techniques and findings and write technical articles for possible publication in the journal, leading to possible improvements of survey methodology in future rounds of NSSO. It also provides an opportunity to offer data users of NSSO to go through the research findings of the authors of technical articles published in the journal and improve their data analysis.

How to get a Sarvekshana copy

For subscription and copies of Sarvekshana, please contact:
Controller of Publications, Government of India ,
Civil Lines, Delhi-110054.
Telephone: 23819689, 23812527, 23817823.

Price: Rs. 300 per copy

For downloading of Sarvekshana Issue: Please Click here