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Annual Survey of Industries

Annual Survey of Industries
The industrial sector is one of the important sectors of the Indian economy and hence compilation of industrial statistics assumes a crucial importance, both for research and policy-making. The Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is the principal source of Industrial Statistics in India. Till ASI 2009-10, the survey was conducted annually under the statutory provisions of the Collection of Statistics Act 1953 and Rules framed there under in 1959 except in the State of Jammu & Kashmir where it is conducted under the Jammu& Kashmir Collection of Statistics Act 1961 and Rules framed there under in 1964. From the ASI 2010-11, the survey is being conducted under the statutory provisions of the Collection of Statistics Act 2008 and Rules framed there under in 2011. Statistics officers have been appointed under the Act for different jurisdiction areas to collect and authorize officials to collect information from any individual and commercial concern.

            The ASI extends to the entire country except the States of Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram and Union territory of Lakshadweep. It covers all factories registered under the sections 2(m) (i) and 2(m) (ii) of the Factories Act 1948 i.e. those factories employing 10 or more workers using power; and those employing 20 or more workers without using power. The survey also covers bidi and cigar manufacturing establishments registered under the Bidi and Cigar Workers (Conditions of Employment) Act 1966 and electricity undertakings.

           The primary unit of enumeration in the survey is a factory in the case of manufacturing industries, a workshop in the case of repair services, an undertaking or a licensee in the case of electricity, gas and water supply undertakings and an establishment in the case of bidi and cigar industries.

            The ASI frame is based on the lists of registered factories / units maintained by the Chief Inspector of Factories in each State and those maintained by registration authorities in respect of bidi and cigar establishments and electricity undertakings. The frame is revised/ updated every year by the Field Operations Division of NSSO in consultation with the Chief Inspector of Factories in the States.

            The collection and dissemination of ASI data, on a regular basis, is of vital importance. It provides data on various vital aspects of the registered factories for use in the estimation of National Income, studies of industrial structure and policy formulation. Some of the important indicators generated based on ASI are number of factories, employment, wages, invested capital, capital formation, input, output, depreciation and value added on an annual basis.

            For ASI, the factories in the frame are classified into two sectors, viz. the Census sector and the sample sector. The factories are selected for an annual survey with a set selection procedure. The survey is conducted from September to May for these selected factories.

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