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National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) has been publishing Sarvekshana since July, 1977. It has been the major source of information based on the Socio-Economic (SE) surveys undertaken by NSSO on various aspects of national importance. In fact, originally Sarvekshana was the only publication through which the results of various socio-economic surveys of NSSO were available to the public. However, subsequently NSSO started releasing survey results in the form of reports.

Both, the Committee appointed by the Government in 1998 to review the functioning of NSSO and the National Statistical Commission (NSC) recommended that, Sarvekshana be converted into a technical journal. In line with the recommendation, an Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) was appointed by the Government of India in 2001 to advise NSSO on various issues relating to the publication.

Presently, there are four parts in Sarvekshana, viz., Part-I: Technical Papers, Part-II: Summary and major findings of the surveys, Part-III: Highlights of recent reports released by NSSO and Part-IV : Hindi Section.

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Technical Papers/articles invited for Sarvekshana