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About SSD

About Social Statistics Division
The Social Statistics Division (SSD) of the Central Statistics Office works in close co-ordination with the Social Sector Ministries of Central Government, the State Governments and the International Agencies. The Division is mandated with standardisation of concepts, definitions and methodology of social sector statistics. Social statistics encompass statistics related to use of statistical measurement systems to study human behaviour in a social environment. It covers subjects like population and vital events, poverty, employment-unemployment, gender, crime, health and nutrition, education, disability, migration, time use, environment & environmental economic accounting, climate change, disasters, etc. It is helping apex institutions like Supreme Court of India, Election Commission of India, etc. in evolving a statistical framework in their domain of work.

Social Statistics Division has conducted pilot studies on availability of data required for local level planning i.e. planning at sub-state or sub-district level, their data sources, etc. The reports of the pilot studies in Rural & Urban are available on Ministry’s website. 

Social Statistics Division is coordinating the work of Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statistics which has been set up in 1997 by United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) as an international forum to share experiences in the measurement of the informal sector, document the data-collection practices, including definitions and survey methodologies followed by member countries, and recommend measures for improving the quality and comparability of informal sector statistics. The Group, headed by the Chief Statistician of India, has members from statistical offices of various countries, international bodies like ADB etc. and research institutions.

Social Statistics Division is also engaged in statistical monitoring of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by bringing out MDG India Country Monitoring Report.

The Division has also been entrusted the work of maintaining the Socio-Economic data pertaining to various Socio-Religious Group. Such data has been placed on Ministrys website under the head National Data Bank.

The Division is also mandated to standardize the concepts, definition related to social statistics and also to document the metadata of this sector. The Division also reviews the availability of data and the data-gaps in the social sector and Base papers and theme papers on these issues authored by social statisticians are being reviewed.

The Division brings out following publications:

  1. Compendium of Environment Statistics (Annual)
  2. Women and Men in India(Annual)
  3. Statistics related to Climate Change (Biennial)
  4. SAARC Social Charter/ SAARC Development Goals (Biennial)
  5. Millennium Development Goals India Country Report (Biennial/ Annual)

Adhoc Publications:

  1. Children in India –A statistical Appraisal 2012
  2. Youth in India, 2006
  3. Situational Analysis of Elderly in India, 2011
  4. Disability in India –A statistical profile 2011