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Training Need Assessment

Training Need Assessment

Training Division/NSSTA has undertaken the “Training Needs Assessment” exercise, the process of determining the training requirements for bridging the gap between “What Is” and “What Should Be” for a large manpower of statistical personnel working at various levels in the State/UTs.  For this purpose, an Expert Group constituted under the Chairmanship of DG, CSO recommended collection of detailed information from the States/UTs for assessing training needs of personnel at various levels in the States/UTs, identification of core subject areas and identification of existing training institutions/universities/resource persons which could be trained as Trainers by NSSTA. As the training needs vary at different levels, the entire statistical population in the state has been categorized into five categories depending upon their job profile. To get the requisite information, Training Division/NSSTA has devised a questionnaire to assess the training needs of the States/UTs. The questionnaire along with the Background Note has been circulated to the States/UTs to facilitate them in identifying their training requirements.

2.       Accordingly, detailed information was collected from the States/UTs.  As per the information collected, there are about 39,000/- personnel in the State Directorates of Economics & Statistics and other line Departments of States/UTs who need to be trained. Due to limited resources available at NSSTA, it cannot train all these personnel on its own, thus,  there is a need to identify institutes/universities at regional level which could impart training on different subjects covered under ISSP to the States/UTs personnel.  In case one institute is not able to cover all the subjects in bigger States, two or three institutes need to be identified at State/Regional levels.

3.       As a part of this exercise, it has been decided to hold the Regional Workshops with an objective to explore all possibilities for working out optimal and best feasible modalities for expanding on its training mandate for the States/UTs by resorting to the well-known method/technique of “Training of Trainers (TOT)”.  The main aim of the training is to train the State/UT Statistical Personnel on the following   20 selected areas/identified key statistical variables under the ISSP.
Group 1: National Accounts and Allied Topics:

  • Estimation of State Domestic Product
  • Estimation of Capital formation and savings
  • Estimation of district domestic Product
  • Estimation of the contribution of local bodies and compilation of data on major fiscal Variables

Group 2: Industrial Statistics and Related Areas

    • Participation in the conduct of Annual survey of Industries
    • Compilation of Index of Industrial Production
    • Compilation of Electricity Production and Distribution statistics and
    • Compilation of Transport Statistics

Group 3: Price Statistics

    • Compilation of Wholesale Price Index numbers and
    • Compilation of Consumer Price Index Number

Group 4: Agricultural Statistics and Allied Topics


    • Estimation of Crop area and Production and
    • Compilation of Environment and Forest Statistics

Group 5: Social Statistics

  • Collection and compilation of Health, Morbidity and Mortality and Family Welfare Statistics
  • Collection and compilation of Education and Literacy Statistics
  • Collection and compilation of Housing Statistics
  • Birth and Death Registration of Population, and
  • Collection and compilation of Statistics for Local Area Planning

Group 6: Sample Surveys

4.       In addition to the above, the others like Informal Sector, Service Sector, Labour and Employment and Un-Employment Statistics also need to be covered in the proposed training programmes.

5.       As a beginning, the first one day Southern Region Workshop was organized at Bangalore on 17th November, 2012 to discuss the following issues:

  • Assessment and finalization of training case-load categorized according to level viz. hierarchical position of the officers/staff to be trained
  • Finalization of subject areas as suggested by States/UTs
  • Identification of the Institute(s)
  • Whether the institutes have adequate infrastructure facilities to impart training  to the State/UT Statistical Personnel on the above subject matters,
  • whether the faculty of the institution function as trainers of trainees
  • Subject areas where TOTs would be required along with its priority/order of preference.
  • Organization of Training Programmes by Regional State Institutions
  • ISSP Specific Outstanding training related issues, if any
  • Any other issues raised by the States/UTs.

6.       Two more such workshops are planned to be organized during 2013-14 by involving the representatives from Directorate of Economics and Statistics and State Level Training Institutes to discuss above issues before arriving a final strategy in this regard.