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International Training


International Training Programme for ISEC Participants: - NSSTA also Conducts 6 week training in official statistics for the International Statistical Education Center (ISEC) participants sponsored by ISI, Kolkata. The participants for this programme are from developing countries. The main purpose of this course is to provide the exposure in theoretical and applied statistics at various levels to the selected participants from countries from middle –east, South and South – East Asia , the far East and from Commonwealth countries in Africa. Most of the candidates are officials who have experience in Statistical work, a few are teachers, and research workers in statistics from universities and other institutions, and the remaining ones are officials in non-statistical field, desiring to acquire knowledge in statistics. Around 18 to 20 participants join this programme from different countries every year.

Training for SAARC and Other Developing Countries:- NSSTA has been organizing specialized statistical training courses on statistical methodology and official statistical system for statisticians from SAARC and Other Developing Countries. The SAARC programmes are conducted as per requirement projected by other SAARC countries in the meetings of the SAARCSTAT.

Partnership with Other Countries/International Organizations: A few countries like Afghanistan & Mongolia have entered into agreements with India for provision of training programme for capacity development to their statistical personnel. Under these agreements, NSSTA organizes the training programmes either at NSSTA or any other institutions in India for foreign participants, for which necessary funds to be met by foreign countries/agencies. Further, in case, these countries request for training programmes to be conducted in their own countries, NSSTA could also provide technical support and facilitators for such training programmes. The Capacity Building of SAARC countries and MOU with Eurostat and UNSIAP has been signed  by NSSTA.  NSSTA will organize three training programmes for CSO Afghanistan officials during 2013-14.