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New Initiatives

With the advent of information technology Data Processing Division has taken a number of initiatives to streamline data processing activities, both individually as well as in conjunction with other divisions of NSSO. The major ones are summarized as under:-

(a) Data Entry at the Field Offices on Experimental basis:-With an objective to cut down the time on data transcription into e-media and to improve upon data quality by utilizing the knowledge of the Data Collector at the time of data entry and editing, DPD has attempted Data Entry at the field on ad hoc basis in Goa at 68th Round and in J&K, Puducherry, Goa & Sikkim during 69th round.
(b) Use of modern IT gadgets in the Field for data capturing:- This project envisages identification of suitable hardware and software for easy and reliable data capturing at the field, data transmission and management. Data collection in Tablet device using World Bank Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) on PLFS schedule 10.3 (visits-1 and 2) has been attempted in pilot experiment conducted during 25 March – 10 April 2015 and 4-14 August 2015 respectively in selected FSUs of 3 states of Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Odisha.
(c) Data processing on RDBMS platform:– With effect from NSS 69th round, entire data processing in DPD is being carried out under RDBMS in client-server architecture. This will facilitate better data management and data quality, archival of metadata, quick data extraction for data-users’ query processing, doing need-based ad-hoc tabulation etc. Necessary system designing and software development has already been done for this. Training of the officers and staff with new technology has also been taken up.
However, DPD will continue to supply the data processing and tabulation software to the States in the old format, so that data processing of the NSS State sample at the State DESs is not hampered.
(d) Manual on Pooling of central and state sample data:- NSSO, DPD has prepared a manual on pooling of central and state sample data containing the detailed methodology of pooling as suggested by the National Statistical Commission (NSC) along with the poolability tests for easy understanding and operational use by statistical functionaries of various Central and State Government Departments as well as academics, students and researchers working on NSS data. Pooled results of seven states namely Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Odisha based upon consumer expenditure data of NSS 66th round are also presented in this manual along with unit level data of 2 states and pooling and poolability test software for the benefit of the users. The manual is uploaded in the website of the Ministry.