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Enterprise Survey Activities

Activities of the Enterprise Survey Unit of CSO

  1. The Enterprise Survey Unit (ESU) of the Economic Census and Surveys Division of CSO is responsible for carrying out certain Follow-up Surveys relating to non-agricultural activities. For carrying out these surveys, Economic Census frame giving count of enterprises at village/block level is used for selection of sample villages/blocks to the extent feasible

  2. Under the Follow-up Surveys, the activities of Mining & Quarrying, Manufacturing, Trade, Hotels & Restaurants, Transport, Storage & Warehousing and Services have so far been covered.

  3. Data in these surveys are collected by interview method. However, for enterprises maintaining books of accounts, information are collected on the basis of these records. A moving reference period is adopted for collection of most of the information to reduce the recall lapse. The survey period is generally of one year duration and this period is divided into 4 sub-rounds of three months each to fully capture the effect of seasonality.

  4. The detailed information collected in the Follow-up Surveys relate to employment, emoluments, fixed capital, working capital, receipts, expenses, source of finance, outstanding loan, etc

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  6. The ESU has so far carried out 12 Follow-up Surveys. In all 27 reports based on these surveys have been brought out. List of surveys along with the reports released is enclosed.


List of Enterprise Surveys as follow-up of Economic Census, conducted so far by Enterprise Survey Unit of Economic Census and Surveys Division of CSO


Economic Census 1977
Follows up Surveys
Report released
(i) Directory Manufacturing Establishment Survey(DME) 1978-79 (i) DME report for ES 1978-79- Summary results for central sample.
(ii) Directory Establishment Survey 1979-80 covering sectors of Trade, Hotels, Restaurants, Transport Services and Storage & Ware housing. (ii) DTE report for ES-1979-80-Tables with notes on Trade Sector.
(iii) Enterprise Survey on Hotels, Restaurant, Transport, Storage & Warehousing & Service Sector 1983-84. (iii) DTE report for ES-1979-80-Tables with notes on Trade sector-Supplement
(iv) ES-1984-85 Survey on Unorganised Manufacture: Directory Establishments (iv) Directory ES-1979-80 – Tables with notes on Hotels & Restaurants Sector- Summary Result-Central Sample.
(v) ES-1985-86 Survey on Directory Trade Establishment. (v) Directory ES-1979-80- Tables with notes on Mechanized Passenger & Goods Transport and Services Incidental to Transport.
(vi) ES-1988-89 Enterprise on Hotels, Restaurants and Transport. (vi) Report on Directory Establishment Survey of Services, ES- 1979-80.
(vii) ES-1989-90 ( DME ) Establishment Survey. (vii) Report on Storage & Warehousing , ES-1979-80.
(viii) ES-1990-91 ( DTE ) Establishment Survey. (viii) Report on Storage & Warehousing ,ES-1983-84.
(ix) ES-1991-92 Service Sector Enterprise Survey. (ix) Report on Hotels & Restaurants, ES-1983-84.
(x) Enterprise Survey 1992-93 – Mining, Quarrying and storage & Warehousing Sector. (x) Report on Non Mechanised Passenger Goods Transport, ES-1983-84.
(xi) Enterprise Survey 1993-1994 – Hotels, Restaurants & Transport Sector. (xi) Report on Mechanised Transport, ES 1983-84.
(xii) Directory Trade Establishment Survey 1996-97 (xii) Report on Service incidental to Transport , 1983-84..
  (xiii) Report on Services Sector, ES-1983-84
  (xiv) Report on DME Survey, 1984-85- Summary and Detailed Reports
  (xv) Report on DTE, ES- 1985-86
  (xvi) Report on Hotel & Restaurants, ES- 1988-89
  (xvii) Report on Transport, ES-1988-89
  (xviii) Report on DME, ES 1989-90
  (xix) Report on DTE, ES 1990-91
  (xx) Report on OAE-Service Sector 1991-92
  (xi) Report on Establishments-Service Sector 1991-92
  (xii) Report on Service Sector 1991-92
  (xiii) Report on Storage & Warehousing, ES-1992-93.
  (xix) Report on Mining & Quarrying, ES- 1992-93.
  (xv) Report on Hotels and Restaurants, ES- 1993-94.
  (xvi) Report on Transport Sector, ES- 1993-94.
  (xvii) Report on Trade Sector based on Directory Trade Establishment Survey, 1996-97.