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About Computer Centre
Computer Centre was set up in 1967 under the then Department of Statistics in the Cabinet Secretariat with 3 Honey-well-400 Computer Systems to meet the data processing needs of various Government Ministries/Departments/Organisations and Public Sector Undertakings located in and around Delhi. The Honeywell-400 Systems were replaced in 1981 by a more powerful third generation Burrroughs-3845 mainframe Computer System. After about a decade, the Burroughs-3845 Computer System was replaced in May, 1992 by a 4th generation mainframe Computer System DPS 7000/240. The Centre has now a sophisticated PC-based computer system under Client/Server Architecture using WINDOWS 2000/NT as the operating system and ORACLE 9i as data base software along with software tools Developer and Designer 2000. Now the Computer Centre is equipped with three servers i.e. Wipro server, HCL server and Sun Microsystems web server. Sun Microsystems web server has been installed exclusively for the development of National Data Warehouse.