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Objectives of IT FORUM

During the 20th meeting Conference of Central and State Statistical Organizations (COCSSO) it was agreed that MoSPI should take initiatives to create an IT Forum where States can share and take advantage of the expertise available with MoSPI and other States. This forum can help in designing and implementing statistical information systems in the States and for exchanging experiences, collect, discuss and make available examples of good practices and facilitate implementation of relevant standards.

This web page is intended to be a starting point with the hope that a full-fledged web portal may be developed in due course.
It is proposed that the States and Central agencies may, in the first instance, share information on the IT infrastructure and the information system architecture available with them especially the shareable software. This will help the others to learn from their experience on using these as also the problems faced by them in developing the applications. It is expected that agencies can gain substantially from such experience including saving of resources.

Other intended benefits of the IT FORUM

Portal can help document the IT practices followed in State Statistical agencies to assist the members in formulating common standards as also identify IT needs and existing gaps in IT use among the DES.
It can help in relooking at the current IT related training modules and formulate training strategies on IT for statistical personnel in conjunction with Computer Centre.                                                                              

Identification of key IT persons in statistical agencies to establish a network

The Ministry’s website is proposed to be revamped by June 2014 and a the new website will have the web portal for IT FORM with interactive functionalities